20 Successful Business Ideas for College Towns

Nabanita Kundu
5 min readJul 3, 2017

If you stay in the college towns, means there are a lot of educational institutes like college, universities, schools, and others then there are many lucrative business ideas for college towns. The college towns have special kind of demands of goods and services giving a great opportunity for the low cost small business ideas to prosper.

1. Alteration Service

Students and college goers are the maximum customer base for clothes and attires. Thus they need the alteration service very frequently. This is also one of the low cost small business ideas which can easily be started from home. You can also include other services like laundry, ironing etc along with this. Read More about Alteration Service

2) Start a Fitness Center: –

College towns means there will be more young students and younger people are more health conscious. So starting a fitness center is also a great profitable business idea. It involves only one time investment of purchasing the equipment and will give return for a long time.

3) PG Accommodation: –

This one is one the best and most profitable business ideas for college towns. People always need good accommodation facility to study as all educational institutes don’t provide hostel facility. If you have an empty room, you can easily make arrangement for at least 4 people in a room which will give minimum of Rs 8,000 from a room. It’s a great way to earn from home.

4) Beauty Salon: –

Young students, be it the boys or girls, always loves to look good. Thus starting a beauty salon in college towns is a great option. You just need to have good skills in the field.

5) Coffee Shop: –

Coffee shops give a great place to hang out and refreshed with friends. The cost of operation of coffee shop is also very less. This one just can’t be started at home and you need a separate place for it with a good amount of space. Read More about Coffee Shop Business

6. Computer Training School

Not all college students have the detailed knowledge and skills of computer. But computer knowledge is very essential for a goo future which also helps in getting lucrative job. Thus starting computer training schools is also a very profitable idea. Here also it’s a onetime investment and gives profit for a long time.

7) Cyber Cafe: –

This one is another attractive business ideas for college towns. There is always the need of high speed internet for students for doing their projects and works and other activities. Read More about Cyber Cafe business

8) Desktop Publishing Centre: –

DTP center is very helpful for college and school students for the preparation of different kind of project and assignments. Read More about Desktop Publishing Business

9) Fast Food Business: –

This business has the best demand in every kind of location. In college towns, it will attract more customers as most of them will be young and will bring group of people along with them. Read More about Fast Food Business

10) Start a Tattoo Business: –

Tattoos always fascinates young blood. Start a tattoo business with the option of both temporary and permanent one. Read More about Starting a Tattoo Business

11) Starting a Juice Bar

This one is another profitable low cost small business ideas. This provides the best place to the students to freshen up and rejuvenate. Read More

12) Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business: –

The student hates to wash their clothes, especially the expensive ones. Thus, starting Laundry and Dry Cleaning business is a great option to earn maximum profit with less investment.

13) Open a Book Store: –

Be it magazines or study books, college towns are always the best place to start this kind of shops as most of the students love to read and sometimes have to read for their studies.

14) Resume Writing: –

Job is the primary goal of every college and university goers and they need a professional resume to apply for jobs and take part in interview and internal placement. Thus a resume writing business can easily be started from home and also along with other business options like the computer training schools or cyber cafe and other related. Read More about Freelance Resume writing

15) Tutoring Service: –

An easy availability of expert tuition facility is a boon to the students and over that this service can be easily started from home and without an expense of a penny.

16) Desktop Publishing

There is a regular need of photocopy, laminations, computer printing for students. Over that, the jobs come in bulk thus making it a profitable business idea which can be started with very less investment.

17) Office Supply Business: –

College towns means there will be plenty of universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutes. Thus, as normal the offices will require a huge amount office stationary on regular basis. Thus an office supply business becomes a very healthy business idea in college towns

18) Selling Homemade Snacks Items: –

Most of the students studying in college and universities come from other towns that means away from hometown and they miss they homemade food. Thus, selling homemade snacks items is also one of the most lucrative and profitable business ideas for college towns.

19) Home Cooked Food Delivery Business: –

Maximum of the students studying in college and universities stays at mess or in paying guest. So, instead of eating food from restaurants on regular basis, they prefer home cooked food as they are safe for their health also. Read More about Home Cooked Food Delivery Business

20) Tailoring Business

New clothes are always in a demand for the young people and tailoring shops are the best options of sewing new dresses especially for women. You can also run a wide range of service with the tailoring business like laundry service, ironing, dry cleaning and others. Read More

21) Mobile Repairing: –

This one is another low cost small business ideas to start in college towns. Mobiles are bound to get damaged and mobile repairing shops are best place for mending the same. Along with repairing service, you can also included other options like recharge, online ticket booking, selling of other small parts like headphone, memory card, pen drive etc.

It is a great idea to provide as many services as possible to provide in the college towns as students hate to go out for distances all kind of requirements. Many business ideas for college towns can be started with the collaboration of different other services. So, choose your business niche carefully after doing proper research and get ready for the perfect career in business.

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